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Some of Useful & Important Phone No. for Deoghar City/Tample.
1) Deoghar tample board +91-6432-232680, +91-6432-232295, +91-9431381172
2) Baba Baidyanath Temple +91-6432-232295
3) Rikhia, Ashram +91-6432-290870
4)RIKHIA PEETH Tel +91-6432-290870,+91-9304488889, +91-9430799449
5)Big Bazaar Deoghar +91-6432-302200
6) R.K Mission Vidyapith 06432-222413,236854
7) BIT College Jashidih +91-6432-292565
8) St Francis School Deoghat +91-6432-222465
10)Railway Jasidih +91-6432-270219
11)Telephone Exchange +91-6432- 233333
12)Telephone Exchange 1500
13)District Collector +91-6432-232680
14)Police Station 100
15)Fire Service +91-6432-222597
16)Sadar Hospital +91-6432-222247,222214
17)Town Police Station +91-6432-223600
18)Suprintendent of Police +91-6432-232733
Some of Hotel List in Bababaidnath Dham Deoghar
Nataraj Vihar, hotal +91 6432 222422, Rooms Rs. 200-500.
Hotel Yasoda International, +91-6432-222051, Rooms Rs. 500-2000
New Grand, Hotel +91 6432-225245, Rooms Rs. 250-3500
Hotel Prova, +91 6432 224112, Rooms Rs. 200-300
Hotel Anand, +91 6432 220540, Rooms Rs. 200-350.
Hotel Samrat, +91 6432 222402, Rooms Rs. 250-400
Hotel Yatrik, +91 6432 323 299, Rooms Rs. 300-400.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Welcome to Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Deoghar, Jharkhand . http://www.rkmvdeoghar.org/ R.K MISSION SCHOOL DEOGHAR JHARKHAND. DEOGHAR BEST SCHOOL.


 Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith was established in 1922. It is the oldest educational institution of Ramakrishna Mission, and was visited by some of the brother disciples of Swami Vivekananda. Therefore, it bears the blessings as well as inspirations of many spiritual personalities behind its growth over the years. Now it has a residential Senior Secondary School, a well equipped charitable medical unit with modern diagnostic facilities, a centre for academic coachings to school going children from the surrounding poor families, vocational training courses for local school drop-outs under the auspices of National Open School, and occasional activities of relief and rehabilitation work.

 The school is known all over the country for its persistent remarkable academic achievements. It has a cosmopolitan complexion in the composition of its inmates, having students from various states and communities of the nation. It is meant exclusively for boys and permanently affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. Admission to its Secondary Section is restricted to standard VI alone. However, a few students

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 from other schools are also admitted in class XI, in case the seats are available for them after giving entry to its own students who do well in class X Board examination. The school offers education in science stream only in its Senior Secondary Section. The boys are taken in it entirely on merit ascertained by dint of written, oral and other necessary tests.

 Deoghar, being the holy abode of Lord Shiva affectionately addressed by all as Baba Baidyanath, is one of the most significant places of pilgrimage in the country. It is an ancient city, which harbours in its bosom a body part (heart) of Sati the Divine Mother, for which it is being identified as one of the Puranic fifty two Sakti pithas. Hence it has been perpetually drawing devotees from different corners of India for centuries. Sri Ramakrishna, his spiritual consort Sri Sarada Devi and his principal disciple Swami Vivekananda too came here on pilgrimage. Accordingly, Deoghar with Vidyapith occupies an important special position.


Successful alumni are the best measure of our ability to prepare our students for rewarding careers.
Vidyapith has decided to have an ongoing commitment with current and former students through a highly effective alumni relations programme which will be administered by our staff and a network of volunteer alumni in India and across the world.
This team will work closely with academic departments ensuring that current students have regular access to the alumni body, giving professional network opportunity to both. Close links shall also be maintained with the vidyapith & Professional Attachment to be useful to current students and alumni. Encouraging collaboration between students and world wide alumni groups will offer exciting benefits to both students and alumni.

Registration (This is not a formal registration but only for updating the database. For formal registration please contact Sri Deb Kumar Banerjee. Mob: 9831080028)
You may contact us at
Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith
Ramakrishna Nagar, P.O.: Vidyapith
Dist.: Deoghar, Pin: 814 112, Jharkhand, India
Phone (06432) 222413, 236854 Fax (06432) 222360 

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith -Introduction
The Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Deoghar is a branch of the Ramakrishna Mission started by Swami Vivekananda in 1897 in Kolkata, which was eventually shifted to Belur Math, Howrah, West Bengal in 1898 that still happens to be its Head Quarters. Since Vidyapith’s inception in 1922, it has been working in society to make Swami Vivekananda’s ideas of serving humanity into a reality. Over the years it has, therefore, multiplied its activities with a modern Higher Secondary School, a center for academic and vocational trainings for poor boys and girls, a charitable medical dispensary and diagnostic center, relief & rehabilitation work, etc.
It is an establishment comprising two separate sections, namely the Secondary Section and the Senior Secondary Section (+2). They are housed in two separate buildings with their respective Hostels (the school being residential) in two separate campuses. It is permanently affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, and its performances in Board Examinations have been consistently quite commendable, for which it enjoys an immense popularity all over the country. The boys are admitted to this institution in class six through an All-India test, and they are being trained, besides academic studies, in music, art, games & sports, debate & discourses, etc. In order to take care of the physical fitness of the boys Vidyapith has an elaborate arrangement. There are several playgrounds and provisions for them where they can play different games and take trainings in marshal art, yoga vyam, and gymnastics under the guidance of able instructors. A Sports Complex has also been constructed with a stadium, a sophisticated gym and courts for the playing of Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton etc. It conducts various cultural competitions from time to time within itself as well as among the schools and colleges around. Vidyapith envisages imparting a total education to its students, exuding admirable characters in conformity with useful careers.
This is an educational unit for the deprived and the less fortunate children of the communities around. It runs a programme of lending free academic assistance to boys and girls who are, otherwise, not able to prosecute studies because of their backward socio-economic conditions, in spite of their admission to local schools. In addition, some vocational courses for the school drop-out youths are conducted under the affiliation to National Open School. Nutritional foods such as milk are also served to the children here off and on in consideration of their weak constitutions. For these and their religious, cultural, and other extracurricular activities, they have been provided with an independent premise having the needed buildings, open space and equipment.
Vidyapith maintains two units of medical services for its surrounding residents and its inmates. The indoor unit has a few beds, especially for the hostellers, divided into two sections – one for the secondary students and the other for the senior secondary students in their respective residential areas. The outdoor unit of the work renders philanthropic services to the people at large with the basic diagnostic facilities using sophisticated equipment and essential medical advice given by various senior consultant doctors. A department of physiotherapy is also attached to it where advanced instruments as well as capable technicians are available to the concerned patients. This unit is comprehensibly organized with the important departments, such as Medicine, Gynecology, E.N.T. Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, etc. Moreover, it harbours a reasonably large department of Homeopathy where the latest information technology is being employed for diagnosis and treatment under the supervision of a senior and experienced doctor.
Since a large number of people in and around Deoghar are from the weaker section of society, Vidyapith keeps their welfare in view, in terms of giving out some form of relief to them according to its capacity. It makes a point that they receive some garments in order to cover their backs, especially during winter while the necessity of worm clothes is a dire need here. In case of any calamity, natural or artificial, it tries to reach out to the affected with basic amenities for the maintenance of life.
Vidyapith has a dairy of its own to cater to the need of milk of its Ashramites. Here the cattle are being raised scientifically with the help of modern gadgets and medicines of dairy farming.
Vidyapith has a small but beautiful Aviary-cum-Greenhouse and a small Medicinal Orchard.
Vidyapith has established a museum which is rich in ancient and tribal heritage of the country. It serves a profound and comprehensive knowledge to the visitors regarding the Indian civilization. It contains a separate wing on the life of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, spiritual consort of Sri Ramakrshna. This wing is known as Sarada Darshan.
There is a permanent exhibition Ramakrishna Darshan on the lives and contributions of Sri Ramakrishna and his disciples, emphasizing the unprecedented service done to mankind by Swami Vivekananda. This has been put up with a view to educating its visitors through original photographs, glass fiber models and brief history of the Ramakrishna Movement.
The Universal Temple of Sri Ramakrishna held in the bosom of the Vidyapith campus is a place of attraction to the religious minded. Here Morning Prayer and evening services (Aratrik) are regularly conducted by the resident boys, which is an important part of their daily routine. Besides, various religious festivals, observances and worships are carried out in it with due solemnity, liberally drawing all and sundry to participate in them.
Vidyapith has a Religious Literature Corner where publications on Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda, the Vedanta and the Indian culture are kept for sale at subsidized. Interested people may find the books of their choice in it, along with plain and laminated photographs of Saints.

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